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Welcome to the Official  Website Of Logan Henderson.

The 1st Official Logan Henderson website, On here you will learn more about Logan Phillip Henderson, Most of you recognize him from the Nickelodens hit show Big Time Rush as Logan Mitchell. I have a Full biography twitter,where to contact him. blogs for next weeks episode, tour dates, and much more.

I will update this site daily with new updates, if you have a picture or something you would like to add please go into all contacts to contact me, I do Elite Affiliates as well you can send me it or i can make one i  try to keep them small. I do not know any of the guys personally, I do not take credit for any thing on here besides my banner i did make that and the CD screen-caps.This website is a non-profit fansite dedicated to singer/actor to Logan Henderson.

@1loganHenderson has DMed me on twitter on 12/14/10 he complimented my website. PLEASE RESPECT this site and the people on it.I put a lot of dedication to this site.If you have ideas Ill listen.
I've had this website sense 09 so yeah I'd say i was the 1st Logan site! Think what you want to, but on my twitter 1278 followers will stand by my side! I do talk to most of my followers

Every day I will post of new News and Pictures. You can contact me attwitter @LoganHendersonF I run this site by myself, ANY help would be great..Thank you @MaslowFanDotCom and @forevermaslow 

Any Rude disrespectful comments will be removed NO bullying others, I do not put up with any of it and PLEASE post your name thanks.To see your full shout/time/date you have to scroll over